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New Mexico DART Community of Practice

We’ve created a community in which all stakeholders are co-creators of knowledge that leads all to take wise action, so we can answer these questions: 

  • How do we best engage the wisdom of indigenous communities as essential for the new pathways for meaningful connection with technology? 

  • How do we best engage our youth learners to be seen and heard in meaningful connection with technology? 

  • How will parents/grandparents/caretakers be engaged in supporting learning at home? 

  • How will this project support school learning engagement?

Learning Together happens best in a Community of Practice! And WE are all Learners: Students, Parents, Grandparents, Caretakers, Teachers, Guides, Facilitators, and Administrators.

Datacasting Pilot Project Process Overview.png

WHAT is a Community of Practice? 

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a set of relationships and ongoing interactions among a group of individuals with common interests. Together, we co-generate a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment in which learners of all ages and facilitators collaborate to problem-solve challenges and complete projects. In this space, we will discover insights related to work-based learning, as it will naturally develop the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skills needed for problem-solving including Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking/Innovation, Self-Direction, Using Technology for Learning, and Making Local and Global connections. We will have the opportunity to play and learn with learning software and other tools to support connection and learning.

Why a Community of Practice?

How we will learn together.

See videos of some of our members. 

Complete the Speed Test

How fast is your internet?

An important part of our research is understanding the internet speeds of our stakeholders from their homes.  This data will help us develop a strategy on how to better serve families in our area. 

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