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Family Learning Project

Family learning software is multi-generational software. And it is multigenerational in two ways

First, family learning software includes multi-generational content, that is, it includes activities designed for children and activities designed for adults. 

Second, family learning software includes a multi-generation process, that is, it encourages and supports family members of different ages to learn together.

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Why Family Learning Software?


According to published research, families who participate in family learning programs experience significant reductions in low academic achievement, teen parenting, joblessness and welfare dependency, going to prison, home and community violence, and more. Those benefits are real, but they have only been available to those who can consistently attend sessions at a center. Now, The Family Learning Company is excited to introduce family learning software to create the same benefits anywhere, anytime.


Family engagement in education requires direct parental (grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult friend, etc.) involvement in the learning process itself. For children to succeed at learning to read, write and think, parents need to provide motivational support for their kids to pay attention to instruction and direct involvement in the practice that children need to master their reading and writing skills. Most children simply do not have the self-motivation to stick with the task in the face of attractive alternatives like TV and video games. When parents get involved, children follow.


Parent participation in the use of family learning software is particularly important during the early childhood years. Not only do children see the importance that their parents place on learning to read and write, most four and five year-olds are simply not ready to manage interactive learning software on their own. While they may be able to watch a video or play a simple game, engaging in an interactive learning experience requires their parent’s (grandparent’s …) involvement through the software.

Quality Time with Your Children is Priceless

Complete the Speed Test

How fast is your internet?

An important part of our research is understanding the internet speeds of our stakeholders from their homes.  This data will help us develop a strategy on how to better serve families in our area. 

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